Special Art Production Company In Dubai

Eventsmania is a contemporary art commissioning agency and production company based in Dubai, UAE.

Driven by artists and their ideas, we develop collaborative interdisciplinary projects
that challenge existing practices, span multiple artistic disciplines and demand new levels of ambition.

We transform ideas into reality 

SIAF Ahmed Karaly

Ahmed Karaly

SIAF AbdelRahman ElShahed

AbdelRahman ElShahed

SIAF Jason Siefe

Jason Siefe

SIAF Dr Mohammad Yousef

Dr Mohammad Yousef

SIAF Diego de Moya

Diego de Moya

SIAF Magdalena Fernández

Magdalena Fernández

SIAF Mario Rodriguez

Mario Rodriguez

SIAF mohammed alfaraj

Mohammed Alfaraj

SIAF Nujoom Al Ghanem

Nujoom Al Ghanem

SIAf ray kunimoto

Ray Kunimoto

SIAF sameh altawil

Sameh Altawil

SIAF Sultan Bin Fahad

Prince Sultan Bin Fahad